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Eastern Massage Spa offers relaxing and rejuvenating massages at affordable prices in Issaquah, WA. Our team is highly professional, equipped with the best techniques, and our treatment rooms provide a clean, relaxing and tranquil environment. To book your massage call us at (206)750-6868 or use our convenient online booking tool below.

60 mins/$80
80 mins/$100 90 mins/$110 120 mins/$150
Extra: Hot Stone $10 Essential Oil $10 Cupping $10
Benefits of Massage
Relieves Pain Reduces Stress & Anxiety Increases blood circulation Reduces headaches Reduces soreness Increases range of motion Boosts the immune system Reduces fatigue Increases relaxation Helps to reduce symptoms related to arthritis and osteoarthritis Helps to reduce recovery time after sports related injury and surgeryWaist sour leg pain does not take medicine, acupoint massage show magic effect! Rheumatism bone disease is the most difficult to treat, it is very important to relax muscles and promote blood circulation! If you want to be healthy, acupoint massage can not be little!